PC and Network Security

Network Security:

There are many ways to protect your network that are extremely cost effective. This strategy may include a firewall, password policies, virtual private networks (VPN), biometrics, and web proxy services among others. In addition, we offer Maintenance contracts for remote network management for Integrity, security and etc.

Virus removal

We will remove virus as well as protect against virus

Disaster Planning / Recovery / Backup

Have you considered what would happen if you turned on your computer this morning and it didn't work or you couldn't access key files on your network? Do you have a backup system? Have you taken into account every contingency when it comes to the most important part of your business?

We will review your current backup system and provide suggestions for improving redundancy. Or, if you don't have a backup system, we will recommend one specific for your needs and budget.

We have the ability to implement backup systems utilizing tape, DAT, removable storage, or CDR/CDRW media in addition to on-line redundancy methods like clustering and RAID. We will create a rotation schedule and offsite storage solutions such that you will never have to worry about data again.